The Importance of tangible media in a Digital Age:

The age of Digital Distribution is upon us, but hasn’t been fully integrated just yet. There is still a need for the consumer to receive something tangible in an exchange. VCM is aware of this and provides services in all levels of content production and distribution. Along with Digital Distribution options VCM provides branded blu ray duplication, cd duplication, dvd duplication, usb duplication, and sd card duplication and replication services. VCM also offers dvd authoring services.

VCM is here to help get your message out by putting your content online on various social media sites as well as providing tangible media replication and packaging options for all your sales and marketing needs. SD cards and USB keys can be branded with your company logo and can be partitioned so the user can use the device for their own use.

Plus, VCM specializes in corporate video production. VCM will breakdown the key parts of your services in an entertaining and exciting fashion leaving the end user enticed to explore your company’s services further. VCM can offer a wide variety of on-line and tangible media products allowing you to control how your message gets out to your primary audience.

With its Blu ray duplication services, VCM can now offer you the highest quality HD video and audio for your video production. Stunning high resolution images and motion menus will impress your clients. The quality of Blu-ray is superior to any other commercial medium. VCM can assist with getting your next video project on Blu-ray.

Optical media is also vital for archiving your important files and information. It is a low cost, space saving option that is ever evolving. VCM is here to help educate and guide you in all your media production and media duplication needs whether it be content creation, video production, marketing materials, interactive development, optical storage solutions or media replication needs.

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