DVD | CD Duplication & Replication

Some people may say DVD and CD are dying mediums, but we beg to differ here at VCM Media Replication.  Tangible media is still a very important part of marketing strategies and DVD, CD and even Blu-ray are great mediums to offer stunning and informative visual material.  USB keys and SD cards are also very effective mediums that can be branded with your logo and website.

VCM can assist with any project quantity whether it’s a run of 100 or 100,000.  VCM has been specializing in DVD duplication, DVD replication, CD duplication, CD replication, Blu-ray duplication, Blu-ray replication, as well as USB and SD card duplication since the 1990’s.  VCM also offers regular and custom packaging and printing services that will give your project originality and set it apart from the competition.  If DVD authoring, encoding and artwork is needed VCM Media Replication’s parent company VCM Interactive can take care of it.  VCM Interactive is a full service media production and interactive company specializing in video production, animation, interactive media, new media, and post production.

Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray are exceptionally high quality discs and are the next level of entertainment and presentation.  If your budget can accommodate, VCM has the resources to get your project authored and encoded onto Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray.  Once that process is complete we can duplicate or replicate the blu-ray disc with several packaging options to choose from.


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