State of the Art Media Replication

VCM Media Replication is a leader in the media replication industry. We combine the highest quality of replication technology, quality control standards and the best engineers in the business to get the best results.  VCM specializes in Blu-ray, DVD, CD, replication and professional printing/packaging. Silk screening is used to create a professional print of your artwork on the disc face.

VCM has the ability author and encode your DVD/Blu-ray master.  DVD’s, CD’s and Blu-ray’s can be replicated at mass quantity. Whether your order is 1000 or 100,000, VCM has the ability to replicate your disc with reasonable timelines. VCM has solutions for even the tightest timelines, so give us a call.

We start the replication process by creating a Glass Master of the DVD mastered disc. A glass master is created within 48-hrs. Once the Glass Master is created we start the replication process. The discs are stamped rather than burned during the replication process. The result is a much faster process with a more robust product. VCM Media Replication is your ultimate supplier for DVD, Blu-ray and CD replication, whether your requirement is 25 or 250,000.

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