About VCM

VCM Media Replication Services is a leader in the media replication industry. We combine the highest quality of replication technology, quality control standards, and the best engineers in the business to get the best results. VCM specializes in Blu-ray, DVD, CD, USB key and SD card replication and packaging. Our priority is Customer Satisfaction.

For over 25 years VCM has been providing multi media replication, duplication and fulfillment services for a nation wide range of business including the arts, manufacturing, entertainment, medical, not for profit, franchise and retail industries. Offering CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB and SD card duplication, packaging and printing services.

Technical innovation has made VCM a leader in the industry equipped to meet our clients constantly changing needs. With the unique ability to handle small or large quantities, with short turn around times, using specialized technology and talent, we are able design custom solutions that retain trust, meet deadlines and provide value.

VCM Replication Services, is your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB preferred manufacturer, offering CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB and SD card Duplication Services. A nationwide customer base has used VCM for Multimedia Presentations, Training and Marketing literature, Music Labels, Audio & Video, and Product Catalogs on CDROM, DVDROM, CDR, and DVDR’s in both standard and specialty sizes including mini-CD’s, business card CD’s, and uniquely shaped CDs.

Now offering USB & SD card Duplication services with quick turn around times for our clients. Run any USB quantity for a great price! For more information check out VCM’s USB information page or email info@vcmreplication.com or call 905.361.2977!

VCM is a licensed CD Replication and DVD Replication manufacturing facility.
Using high quality discs for clients nationwide at competitive low prices and continually upgrading to ensure only the latest technologies are used makes VCM the top of its class. It has never been easier or more affordable to take advantage of the superior picture and convenience of DVD & even more so with Blu-ray technology. Because Visual Communications & Marketing has been utilizing DVD-R technology since its inception, we have the experience required to generate quality deliverables. Only the highest quality name brand discs are used along with highly specialized DVD & Blu-ray equipment. Always expect excellence and consistency on every DVD & Blu-ray project. Duplication for DVD5, 9, and 10, 18 as well as Blu-ray Recordable (BD-R), BD-25 (Single Layer), BD-50 (Dual layer) and CD’s meet any quantity requirement you have from one to one million! Our Optical disc clients range from corporations to entertainment icons.

Our philosophy

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction with prompt delivery within budget and on time.

We add value to your business

Focused on providing great customer service with technical expertise in the media production and replication industry. We are always striving to meet client requests, budgets and timelines with care. It’s key for me to guide the client through the creative and technical complexities of any multimedia production, whether it be a Blu-ray / DVD video production or an interactive application on a USB device.
Paul Nandrajog – VP of Sales/Producer

A word from our clients

Since doing business with your company for approximately 2-years, the quality of the product and service you provide has been excellent. We look forward to continued success in the future.

Ed DeJong
Senior Contract Services Buyer,
Eastern Canada Region