Finding a good Toronto DVD Production and DVD Duplication Company

Toronto DVD Production, DVD Duplication and DVD Replication – Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Where to Start?

There are several companies offering Toronto DVD production, DVD duplication and replication services for your post video needs, so choosing the right company for DVD production can be a challenging task.  The first step is deciding on a reputable licensed Toronto DVD production company that has a successful track record and will work as your partner to distribute your creative vision, while providing you with good customer service.  Ask for references and be sure that the Toronto DVD production company can provide superior quality DVD authoring Toronto, duplication and printing so that your video retains the best picture quality possible and is professionally packaged. Also, a good Toronto DVD production company will be able to do small and large duplication runs depending on your needs. Single and dual layer DVD’s should be offered along with blu-ray duplication and cd duplication options.  Most good Toronto DVD production companies offer fulfillment services so your dvd production and distribution is handled under one roof.

Track Record: A good and reputable DVD production company should have online testimonials you can review.  Also ask for references to make sure the company is the right fit for your needs and budget.

Services: DVD production requires technical expertise so be sure the Toronto DVD duplication companies are continually upgrading to ensure the latest technologies are used. A good DVD production company should offer CD duplication , DVD authoring, single and dual layer DVD duplication for small runs, DVD replication for large runs, blu-ray duplication, blu-ray replication, and even USB duplication and SD card duplication. Artwork templates and a variety of packaging and printing options should also be offered.

Rates & Timelines: Always ask for a quote before signing on with a Toronto DVD production company.  Whether you have a small or large DVD duplication run, the DVD production company you choose should be able to handle DVD authoring and any quantity you want while providing solutions and options that meet your budget requirements. Timelines should also be mapped out so there are no surprises when getting your project completed. Most DVD production companies are particular about when they receive DVD masters and artwork files so be sure to find out their procedure, policies and turnaround times.

At VCM Media Replication we have over 25 years of experience providing DVD production in Toronto.  Offering a variety of optical media replication, CD and DVD duplication and fulfillment services for a wide range of business including the arts, manufacturing, corporate, entertainment, medical, not for profit, franchise and retail industries. We also offer Blu-ray and DVD authoring Toronto CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplication and fulfillment services. Find out more information about DVD production Toronto and dvd authoring give us a call.

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Digital Replication, Authoring & Printing Services

For over 25 years VCM has been providing multi-media replication, CD/DVD duplication and fulfillment services for a nation wide range of business including the arts, manufacturing, corporate, entertainment, medical, not for profit, franchise and retail industries. Offering CD duplication, CD replication, DVD duplication, DVD replication, Blu-ray authoring, USB duplication, SD card duplication, custom packaging and digital printing services.

VCM is a licensed CD ReplicationDVD/Blu-ray Replication manufacturing facility.  Technical innovation has made VCM a leader in the industry equipped to meet our clients constantly changing needs. VCM Replication is a fully owned subsidiary of VCM Interactive – A full service, full-flavour, full-of-ideas video production company.

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State of the Art Media Replication

VCM Media Replication is a leader in the media replication industry. We combine the highest quality of replication technology, quality control standards and the best engineers in the business to get the best results.  VCM specializes in Blu-ray, DVD, CD, replication and professional printing/packaging. Silk screening is used to create a professional print of your artwork on the disc face.

VCM has the ability author and encode your DVD/Blu-ray master.  DVD’s, CD’s and Blu-ray’s can be replicated at mass quantity. Whether your order is 1000 or 100,000, VCM has the ability to replicate your disc with reasonable timelines. VCM has solutions for even the tightest timelines, so give us a call.

We start the replication process by creating a Glass Master of the DVD mastered disc. A glass master is created within 48-hrs. Once the Glass Master is created we start the replication process. The discs are stamped rather than burned during the replication process. The result is a much faster process with a more robust product. VCM Media Replication is your ultimate supplier for DVD, Blu-ray and CD replication, whether your requirement is 25 or 250,000.

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CD Replication

VCM Media Replication offers superior replication services for CD-R and CD-Audio whether you are an independent artist, small business or a corporation. Once your master is handed over to our duplication department, VCM will replicate your product and add finishing touches with specialized printing and packaging needs.

VCM offers a variety of turnaround times to meet the most demanding timelines.

We also offer cost-effective alternatives for short runs that include either silk screening or newer digital printing technologies with industry leading short turnaround times.

VCM also has the ability to provide data protection for your CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. Please give us a call for more details.

VCM Media Replication understands the corporate world because we’ve been servicing the industry for 30-yrs.

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DVD | CD Duplication & Replication

Some people may say DVD and CD are dying mediums, but we beg to differ here at VCM Media Replication.  Tangible media is still a very important part of marketing strategies and DVD, CD and even Blu-ray are great mediums to offer stunning and informative visual material.  USB keys and SD cards are also very effective mediums that can be branded with your logo and website.

VCM can assist with any project quantity whether it’s a run of 100 or 100,000.  VCM has been specializing in DVD duplication, DVD replication, CD duplication, CD replication, Blu-ray duplication, Blu-ray replication, as well as USB and SD card duplication since the 1990’s.  VCM also offers regular and custom packaging and printing services that will give your project originality and set it apart from the competition.  If DVD authoring, encoding and artwork is needed VCM Media Replication’s parent company VCM Interactive can take care of it.  VCM Interactive is a full service media production and interactive company specializing in video production, animation, interactive media, new media, and post production.

Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray are exceptionally high quality discs and are the next level of entertainment and presentation.  If your budget can accommodate, VCM has the resources to get your project authored and encoded onto Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray.  Once that process is complete we can duplicate or replicate the blu-ray disc with several packaging options to choose from.


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SD Card Duplication & Replication

SD cards are a great way to get your visual media and interactive applications distributed.  SD cards can be branded with your company name as well.  VCM Media Replication specializes in SD card duplication and can take care of any quantity with short turnaround times. We can take care of SD Cards, MicroSD, MiniSD, MiniSD Pro, MMC, WiFi SD etc.  Let VCM Media Replication help on your next SD card project.

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USB Duplication & Replication

USB’s come in so many shapes and sizes now that they can be a very powerful and effective marketing tool.  USB’s can be programmed with interactive media content and can be easily distributed for your marketing strategy.  VCM Media Replication specializes in USB duplication and can easily brand the USB keys with your company logo.  We have an assortment of USB models in a variety of materials including GREEN.  Let VCM help with your next USB project.

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The Importance of tangible media in a Digital Age:

The age of Digital Distribution is upon us, but hasn’t been fully integrated just yet. There is still a need for the consumer to receive something tangible in an exchange. VCM is aware of this and provides services in all levels of content production and distribution. Along with Digital Distribution options VCM provides branded blu ray duplication, cd duplication, dvd duplication, usb duplication, and sd card duplication and replication services. VCM also offers dvd authoring services.

VCM is here to help get your message out by putting your content online on various social media sites as well as providing tangible media replication and packaging options for all your sales and marketing needs. SD cards and USB keys can be branded with your company logo and can be partitioned so the user can use the device for their own use.

Plus, VCM specializes in corporate video production. VCM will breakdown the key parts of your services in an entertaining and exciting fashion leaving the end user enticed to explore your company’s services further. VCM can offer a wide variety of on-line and tangible media products allowing you to control how your message gets out to your primary audience.

With its Blu ray duplication services, VCM can now offer you the highest quality HD video and audio for your video production. Stunning high resolution images and motion menus will impress your clients. The quality of Blu-ray is superior to any other commercial medium. VCM can assist with getting your next video project on Blu-ray.

Optical media is also vital for archiving your important files and information. It is a low cost, space saving option that is ever evolving. VCM is here to help educate and guide you in all your media production and media duplication needs whether it be content creation, video production, marketing materials, interactive development, optical storage solutions or media replication needs.

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Clintar DVD completed

VCM Media Replication just finished creating a DVD for Clintar Landscape management, in Mississauga Ontario Canada. A DVD was authored to feature a video on Clintar’s Franchise opportunities. VCM added CSS data protection to the DVD and replicated several copies for the client. Custom graphics and packaging were also created by VCM.

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