Our Services

VCM Media Replication enables its client partners to enjoy a full spectrum of services without having to contact multiple suppliers. Explore the individual areas of expertise and you will discover why VCM has been earning the praise of its clients since 1980! VCM specializes in Blu-ray, DVD, CD, USB key and SD card replication and packaging.

Digital Media Replication

VCM provide a wide area of services related to digital media replication: Blu-Ray Replication & Duplication, DVD Replication & Duplication, CD Replication & Duplication, SD Card Replication & Duplication, USB Replication & Duplication, Anti-Piracy/Data Protection.

Digital Media Labeling & Packaging

First impressions are important for you and your clients. Using our services for CD/DVD Packaging your product’s packaging will speak volumes to the prospective viewer, leaving no doubt that a quality product is inside the package. Packaging can be expensive and complex, but VCM can provide suitable options that cater to your budget resulting in attractive packaging for all your media needs. Call our Digital Printing Services for a solution, we are here to help.


Keep your data safe and organized with VCM Data Archiving/Storage services. We provide services for Distribution and Storage of Inventory.