Anti-Piracy & Data Protection

Worried about people making illegal copies of your CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc or USB drive? Well, VCM offers anti-piracy/data protection for your optical media.

Content-Scrambling System (CSS) is a Digital Rights Management scheme used on almost all commercially produced DVD-Video discs, which prevents byte-for-byte copies of an MPEG stream from being playable. CSS data protection can be added to your masters by our technicians, so all you need to do is provide us with the standard DVD-R master, and we’ll take it from there. Thus, data protection prevents consumer and professional pirates from making usable copies of your disc. Data protection can also be added to your USB drives, so that your content cannot be erased.

It is also policy of VCM to not participate in, or otherwise facilitate, the unauthorized replication or distribution of data by its customers. Thus, we require specific documentation for distribution licensing, input specifications forms etc.