CD Packaging

VCM offers a wide variety of CD/DVD/Blu-ray packaging solutions. We also offer creation and application of Bar Codes, sensormatic tag, and other retail-ready features. Speak to VCM’s experienced and knowledgeable staff, which welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project needs and specifications to assist with the perfect solution. Recommendations could include full colour digital printing for your DVD and Blu-ray covers for short runs or offset printing, or silk screening. Let VCM’s specialists take care of the creative and technical aspects of CD/DVD/Blu-ray label printing as well as packaging.

VCM supplies a wide variety of CD and DVD cases at the most competitive price. We offer CD Jewel Cases (standard, slim, swing tray and more), DVD Boxes (standard, slim, swing tray, multiple-disc and more), C-Shells and Cake Boxes. Further, we provide a variety of inserts and booklets to customize your case. VCM also offers shrink-wrap and overwrap on all of our case packaging options.

A custom printed box can allow your product to stand out from the competition. A printed box or slip cover can add an attractive visual to your product that inserts alone may not achieve.

Need a less bulky packaging solution? Sleeve packaging options may be the solution for your needs.
A paper sleeve with a window is a relatively inexpensive and efficient packaging option to ensure that your discs will stay protected during shipping and distribution to your customers. Tyvek sleeves are a more durable option, but can be more expensive in comparison to paper. VCM also has Mailers, which can be a great option for distribution purposes. We can also add a custom sticker or label to add cosmetic appeal along with a tamper-proof seal if desired. Clear poly sleeves including those with adhesive backing, are perfect for placing in the back of a book or binder.

VCM also offers excellent custom packaging. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you with your vision.