Blu-Ray Replication & Duplication

VCM Media Replication is a leader in the Blu-ray media replication industry. We combine the highest quality of replication technology quality control standards and the best engineers in the business to get the best results.  VCM can also deal with your packaging and printing needs.

Using high quality discs for clients nationwide at competitive low prices and continually upgrading to ensure only the latest technologies are used makes VCM the top of its class. It has never been easier or more affordable to take advantage of the superior picture and convenience of DVD & even more so with Blu-ray technology. Because VCM has been utilizing DVD-R technology since its inception, we have the experience required to generate quality deliverables. Only the highest quality name brand discs are used along with highly specialized DVD & Blu-ray equipment. Always expect excellence and consistency on every DVD & Blu-ray project. Duplication for Blu-ray Recordable (BD-R), BD-25 (Single Layer), BD-50 (Dual layer) and CD’s meet any quantity requirement you have from one to one million! Our Optical disc clients range from independent artists to corporations to entertainment icons.

Whether our clients require thousands of screen-printed replicas, or a “one-off” service, let VCM assist you with all your CD/DVD/Blu-ray needs. With the ability to master from any digital or analog tape source and produce replicas compatible with both PC and MAC platforms, no project is too large or small. Whether your requirement is 25 or 250,000 we are your ultimate supplier for DVD & Blu-ray. From start to finish, production, creation and packaging, VCM Media Replication is able to handle even the smallest quantities.

Most Common Blu-ray capacities:
Blu-ray (BD-25): 25GB (Single Layer)
Blu-ray (BD-50): 50GB (Dual layer)

Short Run Duplication
When you only need a few Blu-rays (or a few hundred!) and you need them FAST, short-run duplication is the way to go. There’s no minimum order quantity, turnaround time can be as fast as 24 hours, and your project can be printed in full color, with a wide range of packaging options, just like a mass produced disc. Consider short run duplication for promotional releases, demos, duplicate masters, advance or limited edition releases, or beta testing.

Turnaround Time
Over the years, we have found that successfully meeting turnaround deadlines is a collaborative effort from both parties. Dedicated to meeting our customer’s deadlines, we at VCM extend every courtesy in accomplishing this task. We ask in return that our customers expedite the process with prompt delivery of the source materials, approval of check discs and artwork.

VCM also has the ability to provide data protection for your CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs. Please give us a call for more details.

30 years and going strong! VCM Media Replication celebrates 30 years of excellence in supporting its customers.

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